We create meaningful long lasting friendships for individuals in their city while helping them check items off their bucket list.


Our Travel Concept

Adventure travel trips specifically geared for working professionals from the same city. Odyssey Treks provides authentic cultural trips involving travel to remote, exotic areas with elements of physical participation and exploration of a new experience with optional volunteering opportunities. The great thing is everyone on the trip will be from the same city where you can share, relive, and get together back home after the trip.

Nowadays once you start your professional career it becomes very difficult to meet new friends or to find the love of your life in the city you live in. The friends you grew up with, went to University with or work with now; are all either married or have kids.

You want to meet new people that are in the same situation you are and have the same interests. What better way then on a customized adventure trip somewhere magnificent in the world. Single individuals at this age have the wealth and income to travel but don’t have someone to go with. Many times when you go on a trip by yourself you end up meeting couples or individuals that differ so much in age and lifestyle you don’t make great connections.

Or many will say they met the most amazing friend or had that romantic encounter with the person of their dreams. The problem is this person lives in another country or is across country. Thus providing no opportunity to continue that relationship unless it’s long distance.

Most people will return from a trip and tell you their overall satisfaction is usually dictated by the people they met and the experiences they had.

Very few travel companies cater specifically to the solo or working professional. And NO company specializes in amazing life altering trips for individuals from the same city but WE DO!

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