Is this goodbye to Lonely Planet?

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Bronwen Clune: The Melbourne travel publisher is shedding staff – a sad turn for a company that once provided the must-have, down-to-earth guides for a generation of free-spirited travelers

OdysseyTreks‘s insight:

For year’s Lonely Planet has been known as the travel bible for most…but with technology and the changing times does this mean the end for Lonely Planet? I know I’ve used the Lonely Planet on every adventure I’ve taken in the past…however I only use it as a starting guide as I’ve noticed in the past few years the company has stuck a new cover on most editions and called it new. I was frustrated in India because of how outdated the information really was! I asked a guesthouse owner when the last time a lonely planet writer had been in to stay at his establishment or talked with him and he said 7 years ago. So how is there a new review in the latest edition? 


We’d like to know who uses Lonely Planet as their travel bible? Why do you use it if you do? Has anyone else found that most editions information was very much outdated? What will you use for future travels and adventures if there is no more Lonely Planet? 

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